1. General provisions

1.1. Findlocaltrip.com is a platform created to facilitate the search and booking of travel related services and agents (drivers, tour guides) and leisure package tours.

1.2. The website and the website administration do not organize transfers, guided tours or leisure activities. We act as mediator, connecting Users with drivers, tour guides and  providers of leisure activities by supplying Users with contact details.

1.3. The portal enters into an agreement with Service Providers, who pay for the portal’s services as per the agreement.

1.4. Service Providers may be located anywhere.

1.5. By registering at Findlocaltrip.com, Service Providers shall comply with the websites’ Policies.

1.6. User shall also agree with and comply to the website’s Policies, if he intends to use the services provided at the website.


2. General website Policies

2.1. Policies to be used by Service Providers.

2.1.1. Service Provider shall send an email to  findlocaltrip@yandex.ru containing the following information:

Full name;

City/town where the service is provided;

The language of the service;

Short CV;

Duration and cost of the service;


2.1.2. Website administration creates an account for the Service Provider, thus enabling him to publish on the website the services linked to the account of the Service Provider: tour guides, transfers, master classes, tasting sessions, etc.

2.1.4. It is prohibited to publish Service Provider’s contact details (social network accounts, email, Skype, telephone number, etc.) within or under the description or image of the service. All information shall be published as per Articles 2.1.1. and 2.1.3.

2.1.5. It is prohibited to offer sexual services on the website.

2.1.6. It is prohibited to transfer contact details cited in Article 2.1.4. even in private communication between User and Service Provider.

2.1.7. Service Provider shall consider the Service Request from the User within 15 working days and inform him on the result. Service Provider can accept or reject the Service Request.

2.1.8. If Service Provider accepts Service Request, he shall provide User with service details (date, time and location of the meeting point). Service Provider’s contact details shall be as set out on his personal page and on the service page, along with the description of the guided tours, master classes, assisted charter or photo session.

2.1.9. After accepting Service Request, Service Provider shall provide the requested service. Findlocaltrip.com shall not be liable for obligations assumed by Service Provider or for the quality of  provided services.

2.1.10.  Contact details of User and Service Provider will be intercommunicated only after successful payment of 20% of the total cost of Service Request booking.

2.1.11.  By accepting the terms of the User Agreement,  Service Provider agrees that Findlocaltrip.com is not a tax agent, and performs his tax liabilities on its own. The website stores all data on the number of requests and purchased services booked. Upon written request, all information will be sent to the email address specified during registration.


2.2. Policies to be used by Users.

2.2.1. User can search for a Service Provider (tour guide, organizer of leisure activities, transfer) on its own.

2.2.2. Chosen service is requested by clicking the Book button.

2.2.3. When Service Provide accepts the request, User receives an email containing the link to the checkout page to book the Service.

2.2.4. Payment shall be made within 48 hours after a positive reply from Service Provider, but not later than 24 hours before the tour.

2.2.5. Service provider’s contact details will be sent immediately after booking the selected Service to enable direct communication.

2.2.6. The rest of the cost is paid to Service provider in cash. Service Providers are solely liable for accepting payment and providing reporting documents.

2.2.7. Successful booking of the Service within the specified time period obliges the Service Provider to provide it to the User at the specified time and location.

2.2.8. The website provides an opportunity to cancel the booked service free of charge, but not later than within 5 days from the time specified in service description. In this case, service cost shall be compensated to User in full amount. If the service is cancelled in less than 5 days, the cost shall not be compensated.

2.2.9. Findlocaltrip.com does not provide services and is not liable for the quality of the performance of the obligations assumed by Service Providers.

3. Copyright protection

3.1. Service Providers shall not publish on the website any information, images and other data owned by third parties, including trademarks and logotypes. Publication is allowed solely in accordance with the written consent for publication received from their owners.

3.2. Findlocaltrip.com is not liable for publication of data that is intellectual property of third parties. If the claim is received in respect of illegal use of content under copyright protection, the portal administration reserves the right to block the content.


3.3. All information provided and published by  Service Provider regarding its services is its property.

3.4. The rest of the information published on the site is the property of the Findlocaltrip.com portal, and its unauthorized use and dissemination without written consent in any form is prohibited.

4. Data protection

4.1. All confidential information published on the website by Users and Service Providers, shall be used solely for the purposes of Findlocaltrip.com. It shall not be made available to third parties.

4.2. The administration of Findlocaltrip.com portal reserves the right to block the access to User’s or Service Provider’s personal page, if they violate the portal’s Policies.

4.3. Administration of Findlocaltrip.com portal shall not be liable for information provided by User or the quality of services provided by Service Provider. The service allows publication of comments on Service Provider’s personal page.

4.4. The rating system provides just evaluation of the services supplied by Service Provider. Negative feedback will decrease Service Provider’s rating. In case of violation of the Policies, the service reserves the right to block the account.

4.5. The service shall not tolerate violation of generally accepted ethical and legal standards. It is prohibited to use coarse language at the website, the violators will be subjected to penalty including access blocking.

4.6. We use the best state-of-the art safety systems to ensure the privacy of your personal details and prevent cyber crimes. However, Findlocaltrip.com cannot guarantee to prevent leaks of information and its use by third parties during online communication between Users.

4.7. By providing its platform, Findlocaltrip.com serves as a mediator between Users. The portal does not pay or compensate any amount of the cost of services supplied by Service Providers. Users shall settle any matters among themselves. The portal only accepts payments for its own services. Findlocaltrip.com is not liable for eventual failures that may occur in payment processes, for leaks of information published at the payment system website. The payment system shall be solely liable for processing online payments