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Photographer Olga

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Photowalk in old Tbilisi

Prepayment of 20%. The rest you pay the photographer on the day of the photo shoot!

We will meet at your hotel, or near the place where we start our photo walk. The price of a photo session includes a photo walk lasting 2 hours, 20 processed photos, all the footage taken.

Excursion start time: Depends on the season, or rather, on the light. In the summer, photowalks begin earlier, from 6-7 in the morning and last until 10-11, and then after 4 pm until dusk. In winter, you can shoot almost all day.

Photos you receive 2-3 weeks after the photo shoot.

I am always ready to discuss your ideas and wishes regarding the shooting. Ask questions through the contact form on the website.

  • length: 120 minutes
  • number of seats: before 7 people
  • Ticket:
    110 $ 106 € 6059 ₽
    for 1 - 3 ticket ,
    30 $ 29 € 1653 ₽
    for ticket (over 3)
  • Category: Photosession
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